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Welcome to arty-folks
Arty-Folks is an art group for people recovering from mental ill health and stress in Coventry.

If you are looking to meet new people and to have a go at drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, ceramics, mosaics, and just making stuff you will enjoy our workshops. 

We offer you a safe and relaxed space where you can have fun while exploring art activities which are focused, educational, creative and challenging.  Total beginners are welcome as well as people who are looking for a stepping-stone into other things like Art College and back to work.

laura's painting
?I havenít done any art since school.  I always thought I wasnít very good at it but I have surprised myself'
These Arty-Folks web pages were written through a collective effort, and with the particular input from:
Liz (who translates any jargon into plain english), Jonathan (for his mischievous sense of humour),
Carole (for adding clarity and simplicity), Ben (a whiz on the net),
Jackie (for adding her keen eye for design), and Lorella (for messing it all up).
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